Club Activities
The club has a number of regular activities
Monthly Meetings
Club nights are held at 7:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the clubhouse of A.S.M.E on Peterson's Reserve off Waipuna Road, Mount Wellington.
A feature of club night is the "Boat Table".  Members are encouraged to bring along models they are working on to be placed on the table.  The member describes what he is doing with the model, including construction techniqes and any problems he is having, with discussion and advice being freely received from the other members.
There is usually also a talk given by a member or invited guest on some aspect of the hobby.  The evening finishes with supper and the opportunity to have a natter with others and to have a closer look at the boat table models.
Sailing Days
The club pool is usually open to members on a Sunday morning.  The third Sunday of each month is club day with competitions held throughout the day.  These competitions involve navigating through a marked course.  These are held with powered vessels, with tugs towing barges, and with sailboats. Accuracy of navigation is the key with points being deducted for missing gates or for hitting buoys.  Time taken is not taken into account.
If weather permits the pool is often opened to the public on Sunday afternoons.  For a small fee a visitor may sail one of the club boats.  Members are rostered to assist with this activity.  From time to time sailing is held at out of town venues such as Waihi or Hawera in conjunction with other clubs.
Public Displays
These are organised for such events as hobby exhibitions, boat shows, school galas, etc.  All members are invited to display their models and their support is requested to assist in the organisation and running of these events.
Static Competitions
These are usually held in the clubhouse on the August club night.
The Mailship
A monthly magazine is sent to all society members.  Club news, model building information, members articles, etc. all contribute to the "Mailship".
The society runs a library for members which contains books on all aspects of shipping.  We also have a plan library which covers most types of vessels.  The library is widely used by members and is growing all the time.
Contact us:

Scale Marine Modellers Inc.
34 Waterview Road East
Auckland 2112
New Zealand

Secretary: Ian Donald
Phone: (09) 299-7418